Be the champion in your job interview with these body language tips

While an interview you are exchanging your thoughts through two channels – verbal and nonverbal – resulting in two distinct conversations occurring simultaneously.

A well known book “The Nonverbal Advantage: Body Language at Work” authored by Carol Kinsey Goman reveals that the non-verbal aspect of communication won’t deliver 93 percent of your entire message (this myth was debunked a long time ago), but it will reveal underlying emotions, motives and feelings.

Interviewer will judge most of the emotional aspect of your message based on your nonverbal signals. At the same time it is equally important to give some thought to the subtext, not just text.

First and foremost, you should have sense of balance and should avoid doing extremes of any sort. One must avoid to stand out for the wrong reasons.

Neutral position would be your best bet – sitting tall as if a string were connecting your head to the ceiling.

A firm handshake should be delivered. It should not too tight nether too loose.  In other words you should be gentle while handshaking. It is equally important to hand shake three times before leaving the place.

In brief, the perfect handshake should be done

  •   With dry and soft palms.
  •   With a firm but not too hard.
  •   With your hand approaching from the side.

For three shakes it should be with eye contact and a smile.

Additionally, it’s advised to be careful of the “timing of your eye movement”. Two-thirds of the time you should be looking anywhere in the eye-nose triangle, the rest of the time you can look away.

You must try not to show your nervousness.  It’s okay to be nervous on the inside, but try not to make it too apparent.

You should avoid crossing your arms or legs.

Keep palms up and open when gesticulating. The palm-up gesture is a universal symbol of seeking cooperation, common in both humans and chimpanzees. It suggests truth, honesty, allegiance and submission.

Try to stay positive tuned. Leaning in or leaning back when they do will be just enough and they won’t notice your “hidden agenda”.

Even though have you rehearsed before and able to control body language won’t cover up low energy or feelings of nervousness and insecurity.

Despite demonstrating positive energy, good intentions, honesty and integrity can often excuse a small body language faux pas.

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